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The Power of Blogging

Do you ever visit a website and wonder how they have such a loyal following? You just can’t seem to get your head around the fact that this particular site attracts so much traffic – without advertising themselves all over the web.

Let me fill you in on the secret. Blogging.

There, I said it. The secret is out, no turning back now.

When people start businesses, and subsequently start advertising with Google, they fail to realize that they could be doing it all for free. Yes, free. All it takes is strong coffee and hours of dedicating yourself to your website. What new entrepreneuers miss, is the opportunity to create your own following through blogging. This includes blogging about your business, the ins and outs of your industry, interesting facts about you, interesting facts about others, and the list goes on. But let me just be clear before you start getting excited. I’m not talking about blogging once a month. I’m talking about blogging once a day, every day, for at least six months. Why six? Because that’s how long it takes for Google to realize that you may just be as important as the next guy/gal.

And SEO is everything. Using the right key words as you blog like a maniac will help Google, and others (but really, who are we kidding about the other?) categorize you approrpiately on the platform. This is why it’s crucial that you know your industry like the back of your hand – especially if you’re going to blog every day. You might as well have things to talk about, and plenty of them.

Blogging is critical if your goal is to get noticed. Paying for ads will only get you so far. And unless you have tons of people talking about you on the internet just because (wouldn’t that be nice?) you’re never going to get noticed if you don’t put in the effort to stand out. This is not to say that you should blog just for the sake of blogging. Your posts need to have substance in order to get somewhere, so quality is important.

So be confident in your business and have a niche in that business that will help you stand out among the other Jim and Janes who are trying to make it. Once you’re set up, make a date with your computer every day and put out a post. In my experience, having blog posts ready ahead of time will always reduce the stress, rather than pressing yourself to write on a schedule every day. So, if you have some ideas for posts, write them down, and if you’re feeling extra efficient, why not write more than one? You’ll be happy you did.

If you can keep this up for at least six months, you will see a significant improvement in your analytics numbers, and slowly but surely will see your website climb up the ranks on those Google search pages. This may sound easy at first, but once you start, you’ll realize why so many people don’t do it and end up just biting the bullet and paying for advertising. But if you can stick to it like a bad diet, then you might just reap the rewards you know you were meant to receive.

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