Paying it Forward — What I get when I do something nice for someone else

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Paying it Forward — What I get when I do something nice for someone else


It’s finally starting to get cold in Toronto. I don’t say that with a smile on my face, but if anyone has been here they’ll know that the winters can be quite harsh.

This year we luckily haven’t had it too bad. So many mild winter days you’d almost think it was fall. But recently the weather has started to live up to its original reputation — dry, cold air that will make your fingers fall off if you don’t have them covered. This is why working from home is so advantageous — I only have to go outside if absolutely necessary.

Last week I found myself having to venture out more than usual — being a mom can do that. As I walked to the store I noticed a homeless man curled up on the corner of a busy sidewalk. I honestly didn’t know how he was surviving in that frigid air, it felt like 15 below 0, Celsius I should add.

I kneeled down and told him I was going to get a hot drink and asked if he wanted anything. “A hot chocolate would be great. Thank you.”

I wasn’t really getting a drink for myself, I just wanted to get something for him — which I did.

To make a long story short, I continued to do this every time I happened to be out during those cold nights. I’d say hello, offer to get a warm drink and then bring it back to them. It’s amazing how such a small gesture of human kindness can completely turn your day around. And it’s amazing just how much gratitude I felt within myself because of it.

I don’t believe in karma or bad luck or that everything happens for a reason. I believe in the present moment and using every minute we have to do good. What’s life if you’re not helping others? And my story is just a small example of doing good — but a lot of small gestures can turn into big ones that help a lot of people.

So, I urge you to do good; to do something nice for a complete stranger; to make a difference even it’s a small one. You’ll be surprised at just how big that difference can be for someone other than yourself.

“The only time you should look down at someone, is when you are helping them up.” — Jesse Jackson

I felt good knowing I helped keep someone warm just for a few minutes on that cold night. It brought a whole new sense of appreciation for those around around me. But most importantly, it made me thankful to be alive and to have had the opportunity to do something nice — even if it was just something as small as a hot drink.

Who knew the cold could bring such warmth.

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