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An Open Letter to My Daughter

To Emma, From Mommy.

I recently wrote a post titled ‘New Year, New You?’ and it got me thinking about fresh starts and new beginnings. This then made me think of my newborn daughter, Emma, who just celebrated her first Christmas and New Years. The first of many firsts to come.

It’s easy to forget that when a child comes into the world, everything is new to them — so really, they’re experiencing everything for the first time. I remember when Emma first discovered she had a tongue; you couldn’t get her to stop making this weird sucking motion. I was convinced she was going to chew up her tongue and then swallow it.

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” — Don Herold

So, as each day passes I appreciate every moment I get to spend with her, but also understand that she will not be small forever and will soon be a walking, talking full fledged human who will have thoughts and desires of her own. The world will look very differently by the time she’s my age, so I only hope that I can shape her into the type of person that roams the roads confidently without fear.

In writing this, my hope is to inspire her to be better than the generations before her, and to explore the world with an open heart and without judgment.

Dear Emma,
You are so small. Sometimes when you’re curled up in my arms I feel as though you are delicate enough to break. But I know that you are unbreakable; stronger than anyone can give you credit for. You are my daughter and you are perfect.

I spend a lot of days wondering what the world will be like when you are older and how you will fit into it. Will you be carefree and curious like your father or soft and empathetic like me? I hope that you will be a bit of both.

We are products of our environment so my hope is to provide you with the knowledge and tools that will help you adapt and deal with all its complexities.

You are a fighter. A leader. And an innovator. You will aim to be better every day, and will succeed because you will have understood what it means to be alive and live a life of fullness. You will dream big and never doubt your capabilities. You are always more than you think you are and can adapt to whatever change is thrown your way.

So, as you get a little older and a little wiser with every passing day, remember that the decisions you make today will affect the decisions you make tomorrow.

Be kind. Be brave. Be fearless.

But most importantly, remember that you are my daughter and you are loved.

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