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The Meaning of Life

I’m here to tell you the meaning of life, the only way I know how. This is not to say that what I write should be meaningful to you or that I have all of the answers – because I don’t, not even a little. What I do have the answer to is the meaning of life taken from the experiences of a woman who’s loved, lost, been hurt, been happy, felt betrayed, felt helpless, felt pure joy. I’d like to consider myself someone who has had enough of these experiences to tell you that at the end of the day, the happiness you feel and the happiness you want to feel every day is governed by one thing, and one thing alone, and that is you.

I’ve had to deal with more disheartening things than I would like to, and when I drag myself into a hole of despair I try to constantly remind myself that no can take me out of it. Not today or tomorrow. Any time I have felt down, it is because I made a choice to get that way. Life is simply a series of choices you make, every day.

Do you choose to be happy, no matter what situation you are in? Do you choose to be kind and treat those around you with respect and love? Just choices and nothing more. And the day you fully realize this, it will, not only be a liberating day, but also a scary day – because for the first time you will truly understand what it means to take responsibility for your actions, your life.

And this is not to say that sometimes you will always make the right choices. You won’t. You will make mistakes and fail. But you will also learn and survive and get stronger than you have ever been. Not every decision will be the right one at the moment, but I believe that even those mistakes will be blessings in disguise – the universe’s way of helping you out the only way it knows how to do. So, embrace those hardships that you categorize as bad choices because they will make you a better human being, a more focused one. If you can choose to be happy even through your hardships, you are a warrior, a brave and determined warrior who knows how to fight for your soul because you know how delicate it can be.

Be happy to be alive, but better yet make every day a choice, a choice to be happy no matter what life throws your way. Because you will run into situations that make it hard to breathe – it’s inevitable, but how you choose to carry yourself through them is what will matter the most. Through it all, you will still want to love yourself, and to love those closest to you because being happy with yourself and with the ones you love is all that matters, and nothing more.

The meaning of life is then just that. It’s to be happy – today, tomorrow and for all the days after that. Because life is too short to focus on anything else.

So, if life is a series of choices, what do you choose to be?


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